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Sabu’s Biography

Born in 1924 in Mysore, India, Sabu was the son of an elephant driver. Many sources report the news that his full name was “Sabu Dastigir”, but a research by journalist Philip Leibfried suggested that it was actually his brother’s name and that Sabu was instead named Selar Shaik Sabu or Sabu Francis. His career was followed by his brother, who was later killed in a robbery at his furniture store.

Sabu was discovered by the British documentary filmmaker Robert Flaherty, who chose him as the protagonist for his film The Dance of Elephants (1937), an adaptation of Toomai by Rudyard Kipling’s elephants in which the thirteen-year-old Sabu had to drive one of the pachyderms.

The British film producer Zoltán Korda hired Sabu as the protagonist of the film The Prince Azim (1938) and for the role of Abu in The Thief of Baghdad (1940). After moving to Hollywood, in 1942 the actor again played a character created by Kipling, that of Mowgli in The Book of the Jungle (1942), directed by Zoltán Korda.

After signing a contract with the Universal production company, Sabu appeared in some of the dazzling exotic-style productions typical of that period and starring alongside María Montez and Jon Hall, The Thousand and One Nights ( 1942), Selvaggia white (1943) and Il cobra (1944).

After becoming an American citizen in 1944, Sabu joined the U.S. Army Air Forces serving as a tail gunner. In this capacity he took part in various missions in the Pacific and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his valor and courage.

After World War II, Sabu was unable to maintain his success in Hollywood and his career went into decline, despite attempts to find more interesting characters. The complex role of the general protagonist of the British film Narciso nero (1947), a fascinating and almost sinister character, seemed to open new career prospects to Sabu, but he soon had to return to ordinary adventures for which he was hired for his exotic appearance.

During the fifties he acted in many European films that were not particularly successful, while in 1952 he starred in the Harringay circus performing in a number with an elephant.

On December 2, 1963, Sabu died in Chatsworth, California, at the age of 39, due to a heart attack. He is buried at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park. His last completed film, Tigre in ambush, came out after his death in March 1964.

Sabu Short biodata & net worth

Her/His Height 5′ 6″ (168 cm)
Her/His Eyes Color Dark brown
Hair Color Black
First Name Sabu
Birthday 27 January, 1924
Place of Birth Karapur, Mysore, India
Date Of Death 2 December, 1963 in Chatsworth, California, USA
Death Cause heart attack
Citizenship Indian
Ethnicity Asian/Indian
Orientation Straight
Job(s) Actor

Sabu Net Worth


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