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Peter Lorre’s Biography

With his expressive face, even if soft, and the watery and elusive look, Lorre was the prototype of the paranoiac, the criminal, the traitor, the being squalid and abject, born with M – The Monster of Düsseldorf (1931) ) by Fritz Lang. In that film he personified with extraordinary interpenetration – not only psychological, but also physical – the hallucinated sexual delinquent who lured little girls to kill them.

Lorre was 1.60   cm tall, and that expression with protruding eyes became over time a grotesque childish mask, which carried within itself the signs of an existence of suffering, abuse, abandonment. Escaped from the age of 15, he worked first in traveling shows and then on the stages of Vienna and Zurich, beginning his film career in 1928. He was noticed by Fritz Lang, who entrusted him with the part of the psychopathic murderer in the aforementioned M – The Monster of Düsseldorf (1931), the first sound film by the director.

Being of Jewish origin, he was forced to leave Germany in 1933 after Adolf Hitler’s advent, and worked first in France, then in the United Kingdom, where he participated in a couple of films directed by Alfred Hitchcock , The man who knew too much (1934) and love and mystery (1936), always remaining faithful to his character and giving a sinister touch to his own interpretations.

He moved to Hollywood in 1935, he proved to have solid skills as a dramatic actor of expressionistic training (thanks to the long theatrical experience accomplished in Europe), highlighted with the role of Roderick Raskolnikov in Ho killed! (1935), film adaptation of the novel Crime and Dostojevskij’s punishment, directed by Josef von Sternberg.

Later he starred in several crime or spy movies, from 1937 to 1939 he played the Japanese detective Mr. Moto, in a series of eight films designed by John P. Marquand. Demonstrating an ever greater eclecticism, Lorre reached the peak of his career interpreting the role that made him well known to the world audience, that of frivolous and effeminate Joel Cairo in the noir Il mistero del falco (1941), which marked John’s directorial debut Huston. Lorre formed a well-matched pair with the assistant director Sydney Greenstreet, so much so that the two subsequently worked together in seven other films. Greenstreet was massive, cold, and sweetly cruel, as much as Lorre was minute, nervous and petulant, with his protruding eyes and his sharp nasal voice. These characteristics made even the character of the Ugarte trafficker in Casablanca (1942) unforgettable, but they allowed Lorre to alternate dramatic roles with performances with a strong comical vein, as in Arsenico and old lace (1944) and in the following The Treasure of Africa ( 1953).

At the beginning of the fifties Lorre returned for a short time to Germany, where he interpreted and directed L’uomo perduto (1951), the story of a man who becomes a killer due to environmental circumstances unrelated to his will, whose ultimate meaning rises to the symbolic value of a polemic against Nazi Germany. The actor’s career, however, had embarked on the descending parable, which in recent years led him to move towards roles as a characterist, or decidedly speculative, as in 20,000 leagues under the seas (1954), Around the world in eighty days (1956) , The Story of Buster Keaton (1957) and Il marmittone (1957), the latter with Jerry Lewis.

Precisely aged, with the features weighed down and accentuated by the fat, Lorre gave a masterful and ironic contribution in the horror films The Tales of Terror (1962) and The Wizards of Terror (1963) by Roger Corman, and clan del terror (1964) by Jacques Tourneur, in which both directors enjoyed the desecration of the clichés of the horror genre and gave the actor the opportunity to show his comic talent once again. Memorable, cynical and abject was also the interpretation that Lorre provided in the episode Man from the South (1960), for the series Alfred Hitchcock presents, alongside Steve McQueen. The role of the swollen and mellifluous Carlos the bettor was one of the last masterful roles of Lorre, an interpreter now relegated, for existential needs, in secondary parts. The plot of Man from the South will be taken up by Quentin Tarantino in Four Rooms (1995).

Health and death problems

Since the time of the production of the series Mr. Moto, Lorre began to suffer from painful colic gall bladder, which for the rest of his life caused unbearable suffering and anxiety, resulting in serious problems at work. To alleviate the pain, the doctors prescribed the use of morphine, but the actor soon developed dependence on the medicine.

In the last years of his career, more and more a slave to morphine, Lorre had to accept even silly and ridiculous roles, just to survive in show-business. He died in 1964, at the age of only 59, for a cerebral hemorrhage. His body was cremated and the ashes buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Vincent Price, one of his best colleagues and friends, read the funeral elegy in which he underlined Lorre’s passion for acting as an actor and his emotional and human sensitivity.

Peter Lorre Short biodata & net worth

Her/His Height 5′ 5″ (165 cm)
Her/His Weight 160 lbs (72.6 kg)
Her/His Eyes Color Light brown
Hair Color Light brown
First Name Peter
Last Name Lorre
AKA(s) Lazzy
Birthday 26 June, 1904
Place of Birth Rozsahegy, Hungary
Date Of Death 23 March, 1964 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Death Cause Stroke
Citizenship Hungarian
Ethnicity White
Religion/Faith Jewish
Orientation Straight
Job(s) Actor

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