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Mike Mazurki’s Biography

Mikhail Mazurkevych was born in Ternopil ‘, at the time in Austro-Hungarian territory, today in Ukraine. His family emigrated to the United States when Mikhail was six years old and settled in Cohoes, near Albany (New York). After his high school studies at the La Salle Institute in Troy (New York), Mazurki graduated from Manhattan College and became a professional athlete, excelling in football and basketball, but focusing in particular on the tough discipline of wrestling.

While competing in Los Angeles, in 1941 Mazurki was noticed by the director Josef von Sternberg, who entrusted him with a minor role as a Chinese fighter in the film The Mysteries of Shanghai (1941). It was the beginning for Mazurki of a long and prolific cinematographic career (which has about 125 films in the game) and, later on, on the small screen. After a series of short unaccredited roles, in 1944 the actor perhaps gave his most memorable interpretation in the noir The Shadow of the Past (1944), based on the novel Farewell, my beloved by Raymond Chandler, and starring Dick Powell in the role by detective Philip Marlowe. In the part of the gigantic Moose Malloy, the former slow-witted inmate, Mazurki appeared already in the opening sequences of the film, when Marlowe flashbacks to police the circumstances that led him to solve an intriguing mystery and to remain temporarily blinded in a shooting. The character of Malloy starts the complicated affair when he hires Marlowe so that these find the girlfriend Velma Valento, of which Malloy – just released from prison after serving a sentence of eight years – has no news from the time of conviction. The scene in which the imposing and threatening silhouette of Malloy, one of the key figures in the film, stands out against the glass door of Marlowe’s office, in a skilful play of night shots full of sinister shadows and neon lights intermittent, remains one of the most unforgettable scenes and features of film noir.

During the forties Mazurki was a constant presence on the big screen, interpreting innumerable parts of criminal and “hard”. In 1945 he portrayed Alexis Banning, the psychopathic killer called Splitface (the “scarred”) in the film Dick Tracy (1945), in which his mask with incisive features was made more disturbing in the make-up by a deep scar through the face. In the second half of the forties he worked intensely as a character in famous films such as Gli invincibili (1947) and Sansone and Dalila (1949) by Cecil B. DeMille, and detective films such as Le vie della città (1948) and La città nera (1950). At the peak of his career, in 1950 he had the opportunity to play the part of a wrestler called “The Strangler” in the noir Trafficking of the Night (1950) by Jules Dassin, in which he brought his own sporting experience as a technical consultant in fight scenes that he interpreted for plot needs. His match with former wrestler Stanislaus Sbyszko (in the role of Gregorius) is considered one of the most likely and best realized wrestling scenes in the history of cinema.

From the beginning of the fifties Mazurki began working for the small screen, where he would appear in many popular series, such as Frida (1956), in the role of the wrestler Hercules Throckmorton, who faces the protagonist Rob McLaughlin (Gene Evans). The cinema still saw him in the role of supporting actors in famous films such as Around the World in eighty days (1956), where he appeared in a brief role of drunk in the sequences set in Hong Kong, and Some Like It Hot (1959), one of the members of the gangster gang “Ghette” (George Raft), proving to be perfectly comfortable in the comedy, so much so that he appeared also in the following Angels with the gun (1961), in the role of Big Mike, and I 4 of Texas (1964), in the guise of Chad, one of the bodyguards of Zack Thomas (Frank Sinatra).

Mazurki tirelessly continued to act throughout the sixties, participating in famous series such as The Untouchables (1959-1962), Perry Mason (1963-1964), Batman (1967), Bonanza (1968-1969) . The artistic profession did not prevent him to continue to devote himself with unchanged passion to wrestling: in 1965, in fact, was co-founder and first president of the Cauliflower Alley Club, an association of professional wrestlers whose logo is formed by the image of the ear ” cauliflower “from Mazurki. The actor died in 1990, 16 days before turning 83, after having participated with a flamboyant version of Dick Tracy (1990) directed and played by Warren Beatty. In 2005 he was posthumously awarded the New York State Award by the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, for his contribution to this sport and for his role in the Cauliflower Alley Club.

Mike Mazurki Short biodata & net worth

Weight(lbs) 240 lbs (108.9 kg)
Height 6′ 5" (196 cm)
Hair Dark brown
Body Shape Bodybuilder
Whole Name Mikhail Mazurkevych
Place of Birth Tarnopol, Galicia, Austria-Hungary
Birthday December 25, 1907
date of death December 9, 1990
location of death Glendale, California
Star Sign Capricorn
Ethnic Info White
Citizenship Austrian
Was gay? No
College(s) Manhattan College
Ocupation(s) Actor and professional wrestler

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