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Lee Strasberg’s Biography

Strasberg was born in Budaniv, then called Budzanów, he is now in the current Ukraine, at the time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in a Jewish family, who emigrated to the United States in 1908, settling in the city of New York.

As a young man he never thought about pursuing an acting career, although a brother-in-law tradesman made, in his spare time, the make-up artist for a cultural circle on the Lower East Side of the city that was involved in setting up plays. Thanks to him he agreed to collaborate for the representation of a work by Arthur Schnitzler in Yiddish, in which he did little more than the figurant. Subsequently he worked occasionally, for fun, in small roles for the Jewish dramatic circles of the city, which offered a point of aggregation and possibility to practice sports and games: to maintain himself, Strasberg worked as a maritime and accounting shipper in a hair company true.

Not convinced of the possibility of a career in the theater, Strasberg occasionally attended it as a spectator, until the meeting with the great masters of dramatic art on the tables of the Broadway Theater, where he saw in action Eleonora Duse, Giovanni Fat, Jeanne Eagles, Pauline Lord and Laurette Taylor. Struck by their ability to give life “real” to a character, he realized that the acting of great actors fled from the idea until then predominant of the peaks of emotion and innate abilities, but that the work in acting was constituted of hard training and precise rules to be followed to avoid artificial and false behavior in search of a truth in interpretation.

The discovery of new possibilities for dramatic art pushed Strasberg to become a professional actor: he enrolled in 1924 at the Clare Tree Major School of the Theater, a training school for actors that was useful for learn the rudiments of the trade. The decision was made following an important event: the tour of the actors of the Moscow Art Theater in New York in 1923, which impressed Strasberg favorably enough to induce him to dedicate his life to the theater. The school’s teachings, however, did not seem to satisfy him: centered on the poetics of the emphatic gesture and the unnatural diction, they reflected, in fact, the styles and ways of old-fashioned theater.

So it was that, in the same year, he changed his school to enroll in the Laboratory Theater, founded by Richard Boleslavskij and Maria Uspenskaja. The two, former students of Stanislavski and actors of the Moscow Art Theater, decided to open a workshop in which to give acting lessons according to their teacher’s method.

The work at the Laboratory Theater aroused a keen interest in Strasberg who began to study, in addition to Stanislavski’s method, also the work of the great of the past and the treaties concerning the dramatic art, as the fundamental Paradox on actor of Diderot, questioning himself on the meaning of “live on the scene”. The knot of Strasberg’s research, which also subtended that of Stanislavski and, to a different extent, that of Diderot, was as if it were possible to “really live” on the scene of emotions with the ability to reproduce them at each replica without undergoing the humoral changes that would could compromise the result of the performance: the answer that he found thanks to the teachings of Boleslavskij and Uspenskaja led to the same result. Acting consisted of method, application and training, according to precise rules. The strict discipline of the Russian artists was a gym of considerable importance for the developments of the Stanislavski method according to Strasberg.

In 1931, together with Harold Clurman and Cheryl Crawford, he created the Group Theater, a collective composed of 28 actors with the specific intent of laying the foundations of a work on the theater based on Stanislavski’s teachings, with the idea of ​​radically renovating US theater. Strasberg’s experience with the Group Theater lasted until 1935, when he resigned for artistic disagreements.

Lee Strasberg Short biodata & net worth

Her/His Height 5′ 5″ (165 cm)
Hair Color Grey
First Name Lee
Last Name Strasberg
Birthday 17 November, 1901
Place of Birth Budaniv, Ukraine
Date Of Death 17 February, 1982 in New York City, New York, USA
Death Cause Heart Failure
Citizenship Ukrainian
Ethnicity White
Religion/Faith Jewish
Orientation Straight
Job(s) Actor, Acting Coach

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