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Gene Vincent , stage name of Eugene Vincent Craddock (Norfolk, 11 February 1935 – Los Angeles, 12 October 1971), was an American musician.

He was one of the main artists of the season of the first rock and roll and remains famous above all as the author and interpreter of Be-Bop-A-Lula.

Gene Vincent’s Biography

Eugene Vincent Craddock was born in Virginia in a family of traders. At 12 he receives his first guitar as a gift and his musical training is strongly influenced by country and gospel music. At the age of 17, he left school and retired to the navy and for a few months he was also sent to Korea. On his return to the United States (July 1955), he was seriously injured in a leg following a serious motorcycle accident, risking amputation. The limb is saved but remains a serious disability that causes difficulties and pains throughout life.

Forced to leave the military life, Vincent begins to play with a local group and in 1956 composes Be-Bop-A-Lula, song title-nonsense that remains among the progenitors of the rock and roll genre.

The song is heard by Bill Lowery, an exponent of a well-known musical publishing house, that has Vincent get a contract with Columbia Records. The directors of Columbia decide to let Vincent begin with another composition (Woman Love), but Lowery imposes himself so that Be-Bop-A-Lula is printed on the front B of the disc. In the meantime Lowery had hurried to have the B-side press printed, which he distributed to the various radio stations for promotional purposes, so that when the record was released, the success of Be-Bop-A-Lula, already broadcast by local radio stations, completely obscures the façade A. To underline the skillful and for the absolutely innovative times use of the delay (echo replied) in the recording of the voice.

After the first album (which arrives at number 7 on the US charts and stays there for 20 weeks), Gene Vincent & amp; His Blue Caps, the name of the group that accompanied him, are no longer able to repeat his success (2 million copies sold) with the following songs. Some of them also enter the rankings but are placed in significantly lower positions: Race with the Devil (Position No. 96) and Bluejean Bop (No. 49). Vincent’s voice spreads out in obscenity following a public performance of Woman Love defined as contrary to public decency, but it seems that the news was spread by the artist’s manager in order to create publicity. The news in any case stands out on the tabloid tabloids and helps to create an image of a cursed singer and to make sure that many melodic singers (Pat Boone, Andy Williams) refuse from now on to perform with him.

In 1957 the success came back with Lotta Lovin ‘(19 weeks in the standings, 13th place achieved with 1 and a half million copies). Gene Vincent starts touring Australia where he performs with Little Richard and Eddie Cochran. In the same year, he appears in the film The Girl Can not Help It, with Jayne Mansfield. The last success of 1957 is Dance to the Bop, which reaches the 23rd place in the standings.

One of his quarrels with the US Revenue Office forces him to leave America and go to Europe, where he mainly addresses the British and French markets.

In 1960, on board a Ford Consul led by such a George Martin and headed to London airport where he has to take a flight back to the United States, he is involved in a new accident. With him were on board Eddie Cochran, who lost his life as a result of serious traumas reported, and Sharon Sheeley, author of songs and girlfriend of the latter, which reports the fracture of the pelvis. Vincent suffers some costal fractures and damages the already badly damaged limb again, but manages to save himself.

In April 1962 he is in Hamburg, where he performs at the Top Ten Club along with the Beatles, with whom he will play in July of the same year at the Cavern in Liverpool.

In 1963 he is in England in style, accompanied by the Sounds Incorporated, a group that will make his performances of this period legendary. At the suggestion of the impresario Jack Good, Vincent and his musicians adopt black leather clothing that from now on will become a constant feature of the artist. The same group will accompany Vincent in 1965 in the historic performance at Shea Stadium next to the Beatles.

In 1966, a visibly greased and poisoned Vincent Gene attempts to relaunch the USA as a country singer, but despite some recordings alongside prestigious musicians and a series of concerts, does not get the desired success. The problems with alcoholism and with the drugs taken daily to dominate the pain in the leg make it difficult to manage; the numerous legal disputes over the demands of ex-wives tire him and make him nervous.

He dies in California, while visiting his father, only thirty-six years old for the perforation of a gastric ulcer. In 1998, due to his undeniable influence on American popular music and beyond, he was introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Gene Vincent Short biodata & net worth

Her/His Height 5′ 9″ (175 cm)
Her/His Eyes Color Dark brown
Hair Color Dark brown
First Name Gene
Last Name Vincent
Birthday 11 February, 1935
Place of Birth Norfolk, Virginia
Date Of Death 12 October, 1971 in Newhall, California
Death Cause Bleeding ulcer
Citizenship American
Job(s) Singer, musician

Gene Vincent Net Worth


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