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Abraham Sofaer (Rangoon, October 1, 1896 – Woodland Hills, January 21, 1988) was a Burmese actor.

He appeared in over 50 films from 1931 to 1970 and participated in more than 70 TV productions from 1939 to 1974.

Abraham Sofaer’s Biography

Abraham Sofaer was born in Rangoon, in Burma, on October 1, 1896, from ethnic Burmese-Jewish parents. He moved to London at the age of 19 and here, in 1921, he began his career as a theater and radio actor. He made his TV debut on the BBC in the late 1930s. He moved to the United States and made his Hollywood debut in the early 1950s. His characteristic ethnic traits allowed him to often interpret characters from various ethnic backgrounds and cultural extractions, including Turks, East Indians, Jews and Arabs. He also played an Indian in the prairies in the western Chisum.

He devoted himself to a long television career giving life to numerous characters for various series, including Haji in three episodes of the series for love from 1967 to 1968. He continued his career for the small screen impersonating a myriad of minor parts and ringing a series of guest star appearances in dozens of episodes of television series, from the golden age of American television to the seventies. He also acted in different roles in more than one episode, as in two episodes of Lux Video Theater, three episodes of General Electric Theater, two episodes of Gunsmoke, three episodes of Perry Mason, two episodes of Ben Casey, two episodes of Daniel Boone, two episodes of Star Dust and two episodes of Star Trek. He also took part in an episode of the classic series of the boundaries of reality, titled in the Italian version The invincible Casey, first broadcast in 1960.

For cinema screens he has interpreted, among others, Dr. Menasseh in Rembrandt’s The Art and Love of 1936, Benjamin Disraeli in The Ghosts of Berkeley Square of 1947, Luis de Santangel in Christopher Columbus of 1949, Paul in Quo Vadis of 1951, Tutush in The Adventures and Loves of Omar Khayyam of 1957, Morris Kaplan in The Beast of the Century of 1962, Abbot in Taras the Magnificent of 1962, Professor Pietro Baglioni in The experiment of dr. Zagros of 1963, the banker Pulaski in The Four of Texas in 1963, Joseph of Arimathea in The greatest story ever told of 1965, the scientist ‘Doc’ Gordon in the science fiction Journey to the center of the time of 1967, Swami in Sogni perduti of 1968 , Pablo Rojas in Che! of 1969 and Indian chief White Buffalo, his last film role, in Chisum 1970.

He also retired from television scenes playing Elderly Rakshasa Hunter in an episode of the series Kolchak: The Night Stalker broadcast in 1974. He died in Woodland Hills on January 21, 1988.

Abraham Sofaer Short biodata & net worth

Her/His Height 5′ 9½” (177 cm)
Hair Color Salt and Pepper
First Name Abraham
Last Name Sofaer
Birthday 1 October, 1896
Place of Birth Rangoon, Burma. [now Yangôn, Myanmar]
Date Of Death 21 January, 1988 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Citizenship American
Ethnicity mixed
Job(s) Actor

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